Abu Dhabi & Reem Island


The largest and the wealthiest emirate in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is also considered one of the richest cities in the world with a GDP of approximately AED 840.3 billion (US$228.8 billion) in 2022 and an estimated per capita GDP of AED 360,000 (US$98,000) in the same year.

In the wake of its robust economy, Abu Dhabi has become one of the fastest growing cities worldwide. The rapid increase in residential and commercial growth in Abu Dhabi has been one of the key drivers in the conception and development of Reem Island, which will contribute to the further expansion of Abu Dhabi. The government’s development of the Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 has already charted the course of steady and measured growth that will see development of all aspects of the cultural and economic landscape of the emirate.Oil wealth has been wisely utilized to build a sound trade and commerce infrastructure within a healthy atmosphere. The promotion of tourism and various tourism related projects will elevate Abu Dhabi to an outstanding status in the region.

Reem Island

Life without boundaries

Reem Island – a vision shared by the master developers – offers the unique combination of a vibrant, urban metropolis and a relaxing getaway that only a private Island can embody. Spread across 891 hectares, the development holds the distinction of being the largest in Abu Dhabi mainland. It is also the first development of its kind in the region to be executed on a natural island.

Natural Habitats of Reem Island

The shores of Reem Island are complimented with natural habitats, Terrestial Flora and Fauna.

The mangroves enrich the landscape and provide opportunities for recreation and environmental education and awareness. Mangroves are highly valued because they support high biomass of plant and animal life. The Avicennia marina is the only species of mangrove that grows in the Arabian Gulf.

Chronological Development of Island Over a Period of Time

Q Properties are responsible for developing 80 percent of Reem Island (Tamouh & Najmat Developments), while Aldar Properties are responsible for developing 20 percent.Less than a kilometre away from downtown Abu Dhabi and only 20 minutes from the capital’s international airport, Reem Island is a world-class, waterfront, lifestyle development that will enhance Abu Dhabi’s role as the country’s capital and a tourist destination. The mammoth development will include purpose-built spaces for business, commercial and residential areas, turning the island into a luxurious ‘city within a city’. Facilities such as schools, golden beaches, mosques, public parks ,lush landscapes, shopping malls, recreational centres, health care facilities, world-class infrastructure and commercial space will make it ‘the’ place to live, work and relax.

Community Facilities

The Reem Island Master Community Framework ensures development of well-structured, integrated, coordinated and harmonious community services.

• Healthcare Centers
• Civil defence and Police stations
• Petrol Service Stations
• Mosques
• Parks and Playgrounds
• Universities