We are Bunya

Bunya is the resident regulatory authority and is the developer of regional infrastructure, utilities and transportation on Reem Island.


To be the primary and most well-respected company providing infrastructure management for large, multi-use developments in the U.A.E.


Bunya’s is to support the developers of Reem Island by enabling the building of state-of-the-art infrastructure of roads, bridges and utilities. This infrastructure will support the developers’ vision of building a community that supports a premium lifestyle in Abu Dhabi.

Corporate Values

Bunya was created to take on the responsibility of building, integrating and managing all common infrastructures on Reem Island. As a relatively young company operating with a substantial remit, our core values shape the culture of our company and guide how we make decisions every day.

Bunya’s ultimate goal is to work towards making Reem Island a symbol of sustainable development in the region. This is one of its foremost mandates. To this end, Reem Island is amongst the founding members of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group, which includes as many as 15 major organizations and companies.


Our organization shares a commitment to delivering infrastructure projects and services of the highest quality and our employees are dedicated to maintaining standards that we can all be proud of.

Protecting the future

It is our responsibility to create Reem Island as an integrated community with a long-term and sustainable view in mind for the benefit of future generations.

Value creation for stakeholders

To fulfill our obligation of creating long-term value for our stakeholders – for the master developers of Reem Island, the investors, our employees, our partners, residents and visitors to Reem Island.

Respect for the individual

Respect is a core value of Bunya and the diversity of our employees and partners is embraced to foster a culture of respect throughout the organization.


Bunya operates with integrity at its core; being ethically responsible, building trust and taking responsibility for our actions is at the heart of our work ethic.


From the moment it was conceived, Reem Island has embodied the principles adopted in the development of Abu Dhabi: to create a true and harmonious balance between economic growth and infrastructure development on the one hand and socio-cultural and human development and environmental sustainability on the other.

Bunya was founded by the three master developers of Reem Island: Al Tamouh Investments, Aldar Properties and Reem Developers, to ensure that the social and economic fabric of this self-sustained community adheres to the Abu Dhabi Economic Plan 2030. Bunya and its partners are fully committed to this vision and have been working towards establishing new benchmarks in city planning with a view to achieve the goals set forth in it.

To this end, Bunya’s initial role is to ensure that all fundamentals are in place from the conception stage.

To ensure that the foundations and pillars of sustainable development are strong, Bunya has been coordinating closely with all its partners and with more than 27 Abu Dhabi government entities to provide the very best infrastructure and services for this unique project, including roads and landscaped walkways, beaches, marinas and waterfront promenades, public parks, gardens and plazas, world-class high-rise signature buildings and exclusive villas and town-houses, the finest academic facilities and schools, including the world-renowned Paris-Sorbonne University, mosques, hospitals, medical centers, shopping malls and retail outlets, to name but a few. Reem Island is the proverbial ‘city within a city’, but it’s not just any city.The plan for Reem Island has always been to deliver ‘lifestyle’; one which stands apart and is unmatched by any other in the world.

These are exciting times for Abu Dhabi and Reem Island and to say that it is thrilling for anyone, let alone Bunya, to be involved with such a dynamic, large-scale project that builds another block in the future of the world class city; Abu Dhabi, would be an understatement.


Tamouh Investments

The master developer based in Abu Dhabi, is the primary developer of a number of key projects including Reem Island’s Marina Square, City of Lights and Abu Dhabi Downtown; as well as Meena Plaza and two blocks of Danet Abu Dhabi.

Reem Developers

The real estate arm of Reem Developers – is the major plan developer for two Mega Projects – Najmat on Reem Island and Rawdhat along Airport Road. Comprising a total of about 60 million sq ft of GFA, these projects are on track and are making their mark on the Abu Dhabi real estate landscape in terms of creativity, design and functionality.

Aldar Properties PJSC

The leading real estate developer in Abu Dhabi, and through iconic developments, it is one of the most well known in the United Arab Emirates. Their current mandate includes more than AED 70 billion (USD$ 19 billion) worth of projects in planning or under development.